Friends & Family Test Results

The NHS want you to have the best possible experience of care. The NHS Friends and Family Test is a way of gathering your feedback, so we can continually review our service.

It is based on one simple question:

"How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"

Your feedback will help us learn more about what you think of your experience – what you like and what you think we could improve. Ultimately, you’re helping us to make changes that will ensure we can offer the best possible care.



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Patient feedback

We asked the question:
What is the main reason for your answer to the question?

The nurse who saw me was friendly and gave me good advice for an issue i was having
Posted on: 30/11/2016

Always helpfull
Posted on: 28/11/2016

I've been registered at this surgery for as long as I can remember, always been a great surgery, unlike others, where people have to wait 2 weeks to see a doctor. Doctors take the time to actually listen and show empathy with your concerns. Reception staff always helpful with assisting appointments, and polite disposition. Nurses, are a great part of the team too with a very knowledgeable insight.
Posted on: 23/11/2016

I have always been treated with respect and I feel a high level of care
Posted on: 22/11/2016

Some doctors not all. If you keep coming in with different problems they paint you with the same brush without even examine the area your talking about. I have fibromyalgia and hypermobilty so I gave widespread pain and can injure easily. But they need to remember I don't just have fibromyalgia. They need to check what I am talking about. Lucky I changed doctors to dr foy and I have to say she has been so good and I am booked in for cortisone injection and she changed pain killers which have helped.
Posted on: 22/11/2016

Ridiculously long waiting times for appointments. I rang up for my poorly 18 month old who has recently finished his antibiotics to be told the earliest appointment available was in 7 days time. Pathetic.
Posted on: 22/11/2016

Feel you offer flexibility to suit my needs
Posted on: 21/11/2016

With only one exception staff have always been extremely helpful, and attentive even when due to my health problems I often have to ring up at very short notice for an appointment.
Posted on: 21/11/2016

Excellent all round, Dr's, Nurses, support staff and surgery.
Posted on: 17/11/2016

The doctors are great as are some of the counter staff but some are not particularly helpful.
Posted on: 17/11/2016

I find in general the set up of the surgery is very good, and the doctors there are good.
Posted on: 17/11/2016

Service is generally good.
Posted on: 16/11/2016

I have always had nothing bitchy praise for St Andrews surgery.
Posted on: 16/11/2016

Seen on time. Interaction was professional and sympathetic. Happy with the overall experience.
Posted on: 16/11/2016

A GP who obviously knows your history, willing to listen and cares about treatment outcomes
Posted on: 15/11/2016

Surgery has got more friendlier than was some time ago
Posted on: 15/11/2016

great service and understanding staff
Posted on: 15/11/2016

I feel like I have had a good service from the doctors
Posted on: 14/11/2016

wonderful caring staff
Posted on: 14/11/2016

Appointments are normally readily available. When seen by a doctor I feel the care could be better but it's acceptable for minor care but the nursing team are always great.
Posted on: 14/11/2016

I have been registered with several gp surgery in several counties over the years. I can always get an appointment to see a doctor within a good time scale. Excellent service at all times.
Posted on: 14/11/2016

Having been a patient of this surgery for many years, I know that whomever I see will explain to me exactly what is going on and give me the appropriate treatment if necessary..
Posted on: 14/11/2016

quick appointments, helpful staff, lovely doctors and nurses
Posted on: 14/11/2016

This is an excellent surgery. The ladies who answer the phone are always extremely helpful and understanding. Nothing is too much trouble. The service we receive from the Doctors is exemplary. I can't fault them. It is reassuring to know that there is help at the end of the phone when needed. Keep it up/
Posted on: 13/11/2016

They are very helpful friendly. You don't have to wait days to get an appointment.
Posted on: 13/11/2016

Because of the caring attitude of the staff that I have come into contact with
Posted on: 12/11/2016

I came to the surgery with a complaint and it was dealt with completely professionally by Sarah, the receptionists and the pharmacist. Thank you!
Posted on: 11/11/2016

The doctors and reception staff are extremely helpful and always polite and courteous.
Posted on: 11/11/2016

The staff are very friendly and im happy with my care from both doctors and nurses
Posted on: 10/11/2016

I'm very happy with the practice. Staff friendly and doctors seem very competent and caring.
Posted on: 07/10/2016